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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poor Babies...

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -- Albert Einstein

Awww....did some big mean intellectual come and smoosh your dreams for a theocratic right wing paradise?

I know it makes you sad, and I wish I could make it all better. But you see, you HAD your turn to play with our society. Now the big kids get a turn, and you will just have to take your Kool-Aid box and go watch Teletubbies. What? No the purple one isn't gay. Kid's think the dumbest things sometimes.

Huh? Your little friend says that we are ALL wrong and that the big kids are mean "doodie heads"? And it's not their turn because she says their leader isn't from this neighborhood?

Well she DEFINITELY looks like she knows what she's talking about! Why, just look at that law degree she got with her Fruity Pebbles proofs of purchase. That's adorable.

Ok, but it's seriously time to come inside for your nap.. What? What do you mean they are going to ruin the playground while you are inside? You guys were the ones who messed it up, remember? Your little friend Georgie decided to play GI Joe with the kids across the way and melted all of their figures because they "kinda looked like" the kids who spray painted the swing-set? We're still paying for that you know! But at least the big kids will find the brats who originally caused the problem in the first place.

Don't worry the playground is in better hands now. But it's nap time and you know how cranky you get when..huh? What do you mean "God" says it's still your turn to play?

God doesn't take sides on the playground. And we don't care what little Stevie thinks of the big kids' leader. Didn't we catch him salting snails last week? Besides, he only reads the mean parts of the bible anyway so he pretty much hates everything. Especially snails. We really wish his mommy and daddy didn't hit him so much, but we love him anyway.

You are really asking for a time out, I have been more than patient with you! You had your chance to play and look what you did! We caught you torturing other kids, making fun of others because they are poorer than you, the playground has never been this dirty before yet you say it's "naturally" like that, you kids are brats plain and simple!

And if you don't come inside for your nap, I'll be forced to get out the paddle! Maybe if you are good, you can have another chance to be in charge, but you blew it this time! You don't play well with others, you are dirty, you have really bad manners, and you think that God only listens to you. Why would God take the side of a spoiled brat? It's time to move on, and it's time for you to come inside for your nap!

You don't own the playground. Just be happy the big kids are willing to clean up your mess!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well You Didn't Keep Your End of the Bargain....

I tried to be nice...

I withheld my postings for over a year despite a heated election, a republican VP candidate ripe for every dumb person joke in the book, a cryass yet righteous defeat on your part, and the laughable elements of your party saying our new squeaky clean President was actually a Kenyan.

I can't keep quiet anymore...there is just too much stupidity in the air and it sure smells like conservatism on the march. The final straw was yesterday when I had the odious opportunity to see your dumber side truly show it's ass yet once more!

Here we have an Israeli national talking up his country's national health care system and the fact that they do more than hold a mattress sale on their memorial day for their veterans. I don't really support alot of Isreal's policies, especially towards the Palestinians in Gaza, but respect for the soldiers who follow orders is important in any society.

Then all of a sudden from somewhere in the crowd a complete idiot screams "Heil Hitler!" an Israeli Jew. When the poor guy calls her out on it and explains he isn't there to support Obama, we see a couple of right wing goons come in to protect their erstwhile genius. Then the guy goes farther and says he once had to go to the emergency room in the States and was given an $8000.00 bill for the visit. Then the woman further shows her ass and starts to mock cry at the man with a oh-so-mature "waaahhhh".

How quickly we forget the dark days of the Bush / Cheney occupation when the slightest show of dissent was greeted with arrest and prosecution. There's the story of the couple who were arrested just for wearing an anti-Bush t-shirt at a rally. And this wasn't one depicting Bush as Hitler, it just had the word Bush in a circle with a line through it a-la Ghostbusters. And that's just one example of the ACTUAL fucking tyranny we lived in for eight mind numbing years. There are more examples here, here, and here! What about the lovely Dixie Chicks almost losing their well earned careers just for practicing THEIR 1st Amendment rights?

Our side never ran around at town halls with pictures of Bush as Hitler and we had more than a leg to stand on with the issue. Quite frankly, it seemed too easy a target when you see quotes like this...

The real problem with the Progressive side is that we let way too much slide in the name of fairness, conservatives don't have that capacity as whatever amino acid in the brain governs rational and fair thought is either simply missing or dried out after too much Faux news. And since the election we have pretty much stayed quiet while the tea bagger and birther crowd has made a concerted effort to dumb down the national discourse with misinformation and idiotic distraction.

Not any more...

The sleeping giant is awake once again. Myself and others' patience has officially run out and the gloves are off. The title of my blog is Righteous Dissent and even though that which I dissent against is no longer in power, my services are needed now more than ever. A good sign of this is Rep. Barney Frank's smackdown of an asshat conservative at his town hall yesterday.


I close this long ass post with song I dedicate to the right wing of the United States from a group of brave young women who know full well the hypocrisy flying around right now and the damage it can do...