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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So for a while was looking like there was going to be a sequel to the 2003 blockbuster, Curious George Lies us into War. The drums were starting to roll, the sabers were rattling, and William Kristol was allowed to speak in public as though he had credibility. All of those things hearkened back to the days of "we don't want the smoking be a mushroom cloud" being repeated by every talking head and official in the administration. God, I even remember the theatrics and how they would all say it at the same tone and volume.

And it seemed like everyone fell for it too. And let's face it, kicking over the Taliban regime in Afghanistan wasn't the most satisfactory victory for action film addicted Americans wanting SOMEONE'S ass kicked after 911. It was like eating a vegan meal, it was good for us, but damn if we didn't need some meat. We wanted to see buildings exploding, tanks burning, and to hear the lamentations of the women.

So that almost unanimous feeling, combined with a devious and greedy administration bent on acquiring the Kurdish oil fields, led us to the biggest the biggest screwup in American history. And here we are today, waist deep in an ethnic conflict that has been brewing since the damn viking era. Those of us in dissent who saw this coming were branded every kind of name from anti-American to just plain stupid. I think time and lower blood pressure have vindicated us, but then they try to pull the same damn stunt AGAIN!!

Aaron McGruder, the genius behind The Boondocks comic strip and animated series, summed up the Iraq war perfectly in this jewel of a scene...

Attacking Iran will be this country's final act as a global superpower. The truth of that statement hurts, but truth has a tendency to do that. With all the evidence on the table now with the new NIE report showing they stopped making plans for weapons back in 2003, we wouldn't even have the flimsiest justification for attacking them. If Iraq was our Sudetenland then Iran would be our Poland. We would lose what precious credibility we had left on the international stage, and all the foreign investors that keep our economy afloat would probably withdraw. China, who gets pretty much all of their oil from Iran, would embargo us. All of our industry is there right now by the way, solid gold houses for corporate CEO's don't come cheap you know.

One thing is for certain, if we were to attack Iran and we still could (these assholes are crazy), we would start to be personally affected by it finally. It wouldn't be a distant problem that we could choose to change the channel from. It would be World War 3, and all bets would be off.

My kids and yours deserve better than that.

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