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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Asshat of the Day Vol.2

Tucker Carlson is a weasel. I could use that simple sentence for the entire post and get my point across just fine. But as I volunteered to wade out into the sea of equine excrement when I set up this page, I'll go into detail.

This is a fake journalist that must have some kind of dirt on the producers at MSNBC in order to keep his job. I seriously have NO earthly idea how anyone could sit through an entire episode of that Brainy Smurf meets Jiminy Cricket on cocaine voice of his. At least he got rid of the bow tie after Jon Stewart intellectually spanked him on national television. Who could forget these 14 minutes of truth coming to CNN. Crossfire didn't last much longer after this.

Man, poor Jon. He tried, you gotta give him that at least. The same amount of absurdity is still there in the public media discourse. I got this video from Crooks and Liars this morning and I almost got sick. I'll just let you watch and not even set it up.

How does this guy have a job anywhere near the field of journalism. And the fact that we have THAT high a percentage of homeless people who wore a uniform to protect our country IS a big thing and is NOT something to snicker at. He goes further to say that homelessness is all drug addiction and mental illness. Well that's just another pulled out of his ass lie. There are little kids living in our streets Tucker, are they all crackheads and mental patients too? Somebody PLEASE fire this asshole. I heard rumor that Rachel Maddow could be replacing him soon, and I pray that his crying and whining is filmed when that happens.

Until such shining moment he is indeed the Asshat of the Day.

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