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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Asshat O' The Day!

Et tu, Dave?

This is the same guy who actually showed some bespunkified resistance and much needed outrage when he went toe to toe with Scott McClellan over the Valerie Plame mess. Remember how Scott would get all sweaty and flustered when the questions started to dig? It was like watching a live action version Milton from Office Space sans the coke bottle glasses. "I was....told by the....chief....of...hey no comments on ongoing investigations! I beeleeb you have mah stapler!" Good times, good times....

But earlier this week, he was asked by Helen Thomas why American politics are so polarized. Now you and I quickly can surmise that maybe an entire cable news network devoted to propaganda and misinformation might have something to do with it? Or maybe it's conservative leaders playing the "God card" whenever an election comes up so voters feel they have to consider their immortal souls before casting their vote? Oh wait! Maybe it's because "old money" and big business plays way too influential a role in the political landscape?

Nope..according to NBC News Correspondent David Gregory, it's the internet and the blogoshpere that's to blame. That's right folks, it's not any of the rich and powerful forces I mentioned before, it's those pesky common folk on their computers screwing it all up. Go ahead and listen if you don't believe me.

Dave, Dave, man? You DO realize that if the media in this country actually got their heads out of Paris Hilton's skirt and into what actually matters, there would be alot fewer people like me doing YOUR job. Do you think the 2000 election would have been reported differently on Edward R. Murrow's watch? Think of the outrage the old school journalists would have expressed about a major US city transforming into the Gulf of Mexico and the relief effort being spearheaded by Mr. Horsey Show.

Bloggers (liberal AND conservative) are stepping up to the plate while you over paid paparazzi ignore things like the CIA spook (in charge of making sure we don't get nuked) being outed for political gain. Here's the difference between us; we are people speaking for people, you are just one of the mouthpieces of General Electric.

I accuse you and the majority of your ilk of cowardice and complacency when this country started it's slide into fascism by cheering on an illegal "preemptive" war in 2003. You people had access to the truth, but you stuck your heads in the sand and ignored it out of fear. Remember the Dixie Chicks? Now when regular people step up to the plate and BECOME the media that you simply aren't, you accuse us of being the problem? Well I guess Britney not wearing underwear one day is more important....

Screw you David Gregory, you are my first "Asshat of the Day"

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