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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Future....

Weird but true story! I was walking a field by my house when I happened upon this weird blue phone booth thing. The door opened up and some weird British looking dude ran out, hand cupped to his backside, making a bee line for the nearest store. Hey when you gotta go, you gotta go.

I was curious as to what he was doing in a phone booth. In the middle of a field. I mean, if he was in that thing long enough to have to go that bad, it's gotta be something interesting. I got to the thing and it turned out to not be a phone booth, it said "Police Call Box" on the top. Hmmm...why doesn't it say "Policia"(I'm in Costa Rica), why is it blue, why was it here, and what did that guy eat to make him run that damn fast. Poor bastard probably thought this cop box was a jiffy john. Yeah that actually made sense.

So I open this thing up and....well there ain't no way any of you would believe me. Let's just say that whatever cop designed this thing, he used the available space exceptionally. I turned to see the weird English guy jumping up and down yelling at me to "bloody stop", holding his own backside with both hands. I turned to him and yelled back, "Man you better get in that store before you shi'tcher pants!" then proceeded to walk into the blue cop box.

To make it short; got in, checked out the digs, wondered why he never installed a toilet since he had room for a weird 70's style futon, and then decided to check out his music collection. Since English people drive on the wrong side of the road, I had assumed the big pillar in the center was his stereo. So I walked up to the thing to see if I could find any Jethro Tull. Dude was probably going to be back soon anyways and a little pissed, so I figured it best to put something mellow on.

So I hit a bunch of buttons, hoping I wasn't deleting anything. And I saw a counter that said "1/5/2009", and thought to myself "HEY! That's a few days after preznit Asshat gets out of office!" I hit the button under the counter, heard a weird noise like a cross between a car with bad brakes and a cat caught in a wine press, and figured out what this blue thing was for!


I got out and shot some video of what I saw. The air seemed cleaner, children were playing, Phish was announcing it's reunion, and cats were riding dogs like horses....both treasuring the experience. The video I shot of the day after the new President was sworn in is a little grainy. The English dude only had a 70's era camera so bear with me on quality. All the events here are in real time as I saw them.

I gave the cry ass guy too dumb to put a bathroom in his apartment his blue cop box back and apologized. He let me keep the video I took of the post inauguration day events, which I have in turn posted for your viewing pleasure.

No, I don't know who won the Superbowl....

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