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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let's Impeach Us a Penguin!!!

Even though it infuriates me to no end that in the last year of a damn good president's term, he and the entire country were subjected to his impeachment at the hands of a bunch of dress sniffing republican weasels desperate to slander him. I remember Ken Starr's hoisting of a dress in the air like he found the Holy Grail.

Fast forward to now. We have the same republican weasels in charge for about six years, completely reversing every good thing that came out of the 90's. Record surplus becomes record deficit. Housing market crashes. A President with the cognitive reasoning of a cocker spaniel sees a memo entitled "Bin Laden Wants To Crash Planes into our Freaking Buildings" and decides it would make a really cool origami project instead of the report it was intended to be. The country is told that gay marriage is a bigger threat than poverty or lack of health care. Basically from 2000 up to 2006, this country was run by the dumbest of the dumb, and for a while people were eating it up.

It got to the point where it began to physically hurt to listen to the news. The poor were vilified, and the rich were given a heaven on earth.

Well the winds of change have once again blown into the halls of liberty. America is waking up from it's testosterone and propaganda induced nightmare to see that they have been deceived. Clinton's indiscretions don't look so bad when you consider the damage done the the country, the constitution, and the free world by these asshats.

There is a Democratic Congressman from my home state that is different from alot of other Democrats in that his spinal column looks to be made of actual bone and not flan. He is driving a campaign to start impeachment proceedings against the turd who has probably been the actual president the whole time.

Please give Congressman Wexler the help he needs to start this process.
Sign his petition to start the return to our country's honor. No more torturers, oil tycoons, war criminals, or latter day czars need to go on with business as usual.

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