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Friday, December 21, 2007

Will Bulls#@t For Food

It's been announced that the comedy duo of Krauthhammer and Kristol the Klown will not have their contracts renewed for Time Magazine. These guys were responsible for some brilliant comedy routines destined to be classics. Classics such as "It's Only Gonna Take Us 6 Months to Win in Iraq", "We'll Be Greeted as Liberators","Iran has a Nuke Pointed Right At Us", and of course, "The CIA Just Wants Bush to Look Bad so it Cooked it's Own Intel, Purposefully Putting the Nation At Risk of Nuclear Annihilation".

As it turned out, there were some readers and listeners who took what these guys had to say seriously. The current impressionable and mentally challenged president was one of those people. And just as PBS had to tone down Ernie and Bert sleeping in the same bed, Time Magazine has seen fit to give these two their walking papers for the sake of the public good. Much like Beavis and Butthead in the 90's, when stupid people started imitating them, they ruined the laughter for all of us.

I'm going to miss these guys, I remember how much they used to crack me up. I remember when they first got their start in that "parody policy" thing they wrote up called the Project for a New American Century where they go on to say that the US needs to become the next global aggressor. Yeah look around on that site, it's comedy gold.

Hopefully Hollywood Squares will pick these guys up so they can eat least make money enough to eat. Is that show even still on? No matter, we'll hear all about them in a VH1 special some day.

Adios, Clowns!

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