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Sunday, December 2, 2007

From '67 to '07, Truth from Across Time

People are fond of saying "those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it", and that's a very true statement. I think there have been very few cases where it has happened to a nation over such a short span of time such as here though. Just like in Vietnam, a war was started on the pretense of a national security threat and coming to the aid of those in need. And just like then, it was all just a big hoax to line the pockets of merchants and defense contractors.

It's even the same effing cast of characters right down to Rumsfeld being there at the exact moment he could do the most harm. Dick Cheney made a return to bonehead strategic thinking on a global scale after his hiatus too. Tricky Dick Nixon's war cabinet helped organize this war in Iraq and it seems they face the exact same repercussions for screwing it up like last time..... retirement in riches.

Thankfully other things remained the same too though. At first the people who thought this war was a dumb idea were branded liberals, traitors, and associated with Barbara Streisand. But as the body count rises, and the exit door drifts further down the hallway, people are starting to see what this mess is all about. And we have these words from another man from that time who actually deserves to be with us still, but isn't. This is 23 minutes of your life that you really need to invest for the sake of knowing the bigger picture.

Ebenezer Baptist Church April 30, 1967

This is one of the most beautiful sermons the good Reverend ever gave. As you listen, you may get chills as this speech could very well have been made last week about this war.

When I think of all the bigoted flotsam and jetsam coming from current religious leaders like Pat Robertson who actually called for the death of a world leader on national TV, I see why so many are drawn to agnosticism. But here was a man who actually thought Christianity was supposed to be based on the teachings of the gentle Nazarene, and not some Norse god of war. Where IS the Religious Left nowadays? How did mainstream American Christianity slip so far to the right of the political center? Listen to this MLK speech and then one from Pat Robertson and you will swear we are working with religions as far apart as Buddhism and Orthodox Aztec Church of Heart Removal.

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